The AP332APF-WDLxxN is a three blade propeller for use on the Rotax 9 series of engine.  Its configuration is anticlockwise / pusher the addition of a feathering or reversing facility. 

The performance gain from the AP3x constant speed hub, combined with the outstanding durability of the Warpdrive N series blade, allows this propeller to perform well in very harsh conditions.  As such it is an extremely popular model with amphibious aircraft.  

The solid construction of the Warpdrive blade allows it to be trimmed to a wide variety of diameters.  This allows final propeller diameters from 60in to 68in to be achieved in increments of 1in.  

Note: some of the illustrations show an earlier revision of the AP332.  Current hubs have the retention assemblies shown in the AP332S closeup


  • Designed for Rotax 9 series engines
  • High strength AP332 CS hub with steel retention components
  • Fast response from high precision Maxon servo drive
  • High Thrust  from Warpdrive N series profile blades
  • Hard wearing composite blade construciton with inlaid Nickel leading edge protection
  • Easy to use AC200F electronic governor/controller
  • Easy installation with a wide range of pre-made instalation kits

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