The AP433CTF-WWR68U is a three blade propeller for use on the UL390iS series of engines.  Its configuration is clockwise/tractor with the addition of a feathering facility. 

This is the perfect propeller for aircraft using the UL390iS in a cross-country application. It gives exceptionally smoother operation, with a balanced profile to perform well in all flight phases.  

(For STOL applications use AP523CTF-SNR70U, for high-speed applications (140kts +) use AP521CTF-WWR68A or AP533CTF-SNR64JE).


  • Designed for UL390iS series engines
  • High strength AP433 CS hub with steel retention components
  • Fast response from high precision Maxon servo drive
  • Wide operating speed range from Whirlwind U series profile blades
  • Hard wearing composite blade construction with inlaid Nickel leading edge protection
  • Easy to use AC200F electronic governor/controller
  • Easy installation with a wide range of pre-made installation kits

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