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Aviat 3-1 Aviation Cleaner, Polish, Wax is water based product that is formulated to clean, Polish and enhance the shine by easily spraying and wiping with a premium microfiber towel. It has UV protection and works great for removing bugs, smudges, spotting and light carbon buildup on exterior surfaces. Super easy for a quick impressive post flight wipe down of leading edge and engine inlet debris.

Safe to use as lubricant if used with a recommended clay sponge for removing contamination from painted and glass surfaces. With Aviat 3-1 no water is needed. It is used as a waterless dry wash. It safely surrounds dust / light amounts of dirt with enough cleaner, Polish, Wax so you can easily lift and wipe away.

Directions: Spray Aviat starting from the bottom up from what ever surface you are working on. For best results let it sit for 10-30 seconds then wipe clean with light to medium pressure with a premium microfiber towel. Repeat the process depending on level of build-up then polish out to desired shine. Can be diluted to desired strength. For heavy contamination use as is. For medium contamination dilute 1-1, for light contamination dilute 5-1.

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