Aero Gloss polish is used by 80% of the worlds major airlines. It is now available to the general aviation and experimental aircraft market. Removes turbine soot and exhaust stains from paints. It is an excellent plexiglass polish and can be applied with a power buffer. It takes 1-2 pints and 3-4 hours to polish an average Cessna 182 with Aero Gloss.


  • The surface should be dry and cool to touch. Newly painted surfaces must be fully cured as recommended by the paint manufacturer. Liberally apply Aero Gloss to a soft, clean, cloth mop or sponge. Evenly spread Aero Gloss on a section of the entire surface. Slightly overlap sections as Aero Gloss is applied. Allow to dry to a haze or indefinitely. Wipe off the haze with a soft polishing cloth, dry mop or buffer.


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