Aeropoxy Light, a modification of the ES6279 adhesive system, is a two-component paste epoxy patching and filler compound for foam, wood, fiberglass and other surfaces. The mixed consistency of this system is very smooth and creamy, so it spreads easily, and can be splined to a feather edge without separation. It is a thixotropic, non-sag material that will remain in place in thick sections, even when applied upside down! The resin and hardener of this system are color coded for easy mixing. The resin is white and the hardener is brown, giving a good visual indication of complete mixing with a uniform tan color free of streaks. AEROPOXY LIGHT has special low density fillers incorporated into it that provide very distinct benefits. It is a very light material (4 pounds per gallon), and therefore contributes minimal added weight to the filled or repaired structure. Also, the cured material is very easy to sand, making the finished patch undetectable when covered or painted. There are no volatile ingredients in AEROPOXY LIGHT, so the cured material will not outgas, which could cause a loss of adhesion of paint or coverings. Sold in kits of part A and B.


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      1.5LB Kit, 6LB Kit

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