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The AeroSpoiler is a lift reduction device used for storm protection on aircraft parked outside during adverse weather conditions. The AeroSpoiler kit contains 10 cup/receiver assemblies and 8 30″X3″ inch blade assemblies. Each kit contains 20′ of wing coverage. The AeroSpoiler will reduce the lift producing capability of your aircraft wing by as much as 96% on the area of wing covered by the Spoiler.

The AeroSpoiler is constructed from long lasting durable plastic materials. The cup/receiver assembly is constructed from injection molded ABS. The blades are cut from 5/16th inch PVC sheets. All internal components of the cup/receiver assembly are stainless steel.

Installation is fast and easy. Each cup/receiver assembly attaches to the wing surface with a suction cup that is operated by a lever on the assembly housing. Each blade is then inserted into the end of the receiver assembly. It is that simple. No tie downs, Velcro or straps to be concerned with just secure the cup/receiver and insert the blade. Extension kits are available for aircraft requiring more than 20′ of wing coverage.

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