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Part# 05-08099


The Ultra Galactica™ Series lights are a very popular choice for certified and general aviation aircraft of any size, due to their compact design and easy installation. With full optical testing for brightness and chromacity, the Ultra also completed the rigorous DO-160F testing regime exceeding all requirements. The Ultra has also become the leading winglight solution for numerous military and law enforcement/surveillance UAVs around the world and is very popular with aircraft manufacturers.

Encapsulated in the exclusive AveoDiamidium™ formulation and with our goniophotometer-optimized chromed reflector system, the Ultra wing lights are virtually unbreakable.

Packed with 30 ultra high brightness LEDs that are the industry state-of-the-art in performance and output lumens, the Ultras still feature the same tiny footprint the popular Aveo e-series wing lights have become so well-known for in the aviation world.

These aircraft lights meet both TSO C30c and C96a design specifications and EXCEED the requirements of TSO C30c, C96a, SAE AS 8037 and AS8017A, plus DO-160.


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