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Part# 11-04408


Pulse-Light…40 Amps Out-Put… Pulsar pulses your landing or taxi light with a steady solid state electronic controller I/C. Filtered for quiet operation. Bulb life is not shortened, in-fact bulb life is extended 10x’s longer; why? Because the filaments never completely go out so there is no thermal shock turn-on. Pulsar’s controlled pulse rate keeps the filament running much cooler then if the bulb was on continuously. Hundreds of hours per bulb have been reported by our customers with Pulsar pulsing the lights. Purchase this version of Pulsar for those that wish to Pulse Q-4509 or Q4591 Lights, or you wish to Pulse your lights all during the flight.

• PN 11-04408 Single light on each wing
• PN 11-04625 Two lights on each wing

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