AXIS AIR GROUP, INC. is the only company that makes a system which supplies air to paint and a separate second air pump for cool fresh air to breathe. The patented CITATION FRESH AIR RESPIRATOR and HVLP PAINT SPRAYER.

The Axis SP2003 HVLP Turbine Paint Sprayer system, is quality-built with a three stage turbine which provides the power needed to atomize most materials. It comes standard with a professional series HVLP turbine spray gun. Accuspray Turbine Bottom Feed Gun -71000 designed to give automotive finish quality results.

Designed for all stages of finish work on airplanes, marine, fine woodworking, and modeling using most materials. This system is versatile and powerful enough to use for practically any painting task. Used widely by professionals and hobbyists.

The gun is the absolute heart of the system! No matter how much power is delivered, if the gun is inferior, the results will suffer.

At Axis Air Group, Inc., provides only the finest quality spray gun with the systems, specifically designed for turbine HVLP spraying.


  • 85% Transfer efficiency means less overspray and less paint expense
  • Moisture problems are virtulally eliminated
  • Portability – two systems in one
  • Easy to learn – Even if you’ve never sprayed before
  • Low Overspray
  • Easy to Use – Simple snap together fittings
  • Affordable

System Includes:

  • 3 Stage Turbine Power
  • 20′ of 3/4′ Spray Hose which includes 10′ of heat resistant hose and 10’ of spray hose.
  • Professional Quality Turbine Spray Gun
  • Standard Polyurethane Needle Nozzle Set
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Air Control Valve
  • Instruction Manual with Introductory “How to Spray” Instruction Guide

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