Part# 11-10483


From Concorde, the BC-7000 is similar to the BC-6000 with the benefit of adjustable current loads in smaller increments and the ability to use on Lead Acid or Ni-Cd batteries. The unit is AC powered.

Fully automatic testing for 12V AND 24V aircraft batteries. Universal AC power input 85-265Vac (47 to 63Hz). Constant current load adjustable in 0.1 Amp increments from 0.5 to 15Adc. Constant current load adjustable in 1.0 Amp increments from 15 to 50 Adc. 10mv voltage resolution. Displayed battery capacity (CI) %. LCD Display. USB 2.0 port for test report print out. Overtemperature protection. Audio alert when capacity test is complete or malfunction of unit


  • Tests both 12V and 24V lead acid batteries with capacity ratings from 0.5 AH to 50 AH
  • Adjustable End Point Voltage (EPV)
  • Battery discharge mode to 1V EPV
  • Adjustable Constant Current loads in 0.1 Ampere increments from 0.5 Ampere to 15 Ampere plus or minus 1.5%
  • Adjustable Constant Current loads in 1.0 Ampere increments from 15 Ampere to 50 Ampere plus or minus 1.0%
  • Universal AC power input 85~264vac (47 to 63Hz)
  • 10mv voltage resolution
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Audio warnings for completion of capacity test or a malfunction of the process
  • Ring terminal connector and a elcon connector included


  • 10 LBS / 4.5 KG.
  • Length 12” (30 cm). Width 9” (23 cm). Height 7.5” (19 cm).


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