Part# 09-42545



Age Master#1 rubber protectant helps extend the life of deicers so you can cut maintenance costs, slow deterioration and aging, extend service life & save money. The protectant isn’t just a surface coat. Penetrates neoprene rubber to help retard damage from ozone, weathering and pollutants to help your deicers stay strong and flexible. And its economical,long lasting and easy to apply.

Just follow the simple BF Goodrich guidelines. Wipe or brush on Age Master #1 protectant every 150 flight hours or at least semi-annually, for continuing protection. Age Master #1, the only rubber protectant recommended by BF Goodrich. Meets military specification MIL-P-11520E. Age Master #1 protectant is a staining material.

Avoid contact with painted surfaces. Apply sparingly and let dry thoroughly before flying in rain to prevent run-back.

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