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**Note: “Non-taut” in drop down menu refers to “non-tautening”**

CERTIFIED COATINGS PRODUCTS, located in Los Angeles, has been manufacturing aircraft dopes, thinners and special products for the aircraft industry for 50 years. A small company making good quality, high-solids dopes, very competitively priced. Since their products are made locally, we enjoy a tremendous saving in delivery costs which is reflected in the pricing as well. We have handled their line for many years with complete customer satisfaction. In January 2005, Certified Coatings Products received FAA-PMA (Federal Aviation Administration Parts Manufacturing Approval) for use on ceconite fabric. The products have always been approved for use on any other fabric. Add 5% to 10%, as needed, of the Nitrate Retarder and the Butyrate Retarder blends of fast-cutting, high-boiling solvents to prevent dope blushing under conditions of high humidity. Also improves flow by slowing drying time.

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      Clear, Clear, Non-Taut

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      Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon, 55 Gallon Drum

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