Part# 07-01891



Simple but precise synchronisation by direct comparison of a set of carbs or throttle valves.

The compact design and solid state electronics make the CarbMate very durable & resistant against nasty shocks & knocks. CarbMate displays the difference in vacuum intake settings of two linked carburettors very precisely on a single transverse “East-West” 9 LED display.

Visual estimation errors, common to the traditional approach which is to visually compare the individual values on separate columns of mercury or dial gauges, are eliminated, as two pressures are compared and one value is displayed. A ZERO adjustment knob provides easy & quick pre-calibration prior to synchronizing. Without any tubes connected, adjust the knob until the centre LED is on.

The optional adaptor is designed specifically for use with Rotax engines for hooking your CarbMate to a 2 stroke Rotax Aircraft Engine.

The 2 x hoses are both 6 feet long.

The connection points to each carburetor are easily made at the crossover tube between the two intake manifolds (separating the carbs during synchronization).

When one side of the crossover tube is removed, you are left with a male elbow and a female hose.

The inside diameter of the hose is 11mm or 7/16” This way, one carb is hooked to the CarbMate at the elbow on the intake manifold, and the other carb is hooked up at the hose on the compensating tube which is hooked to the other intake manifold.


CarbMate with Rotax adapter, nylon case & rubber holster.

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