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Part# 11-05822


TSO’d emergency power supply, Model EPU 28-24RMT that can replace some older non TSO’d units made by Terra and AIM that are no longer in production. This unit provides a 24 VDC output up to 5 Amps for 30 minutes for emergency buss power to operate the standby attitude gyro with extra capacity of up to 4 amps for other critical instrument or avionics. This is economical insurance in a 7.5 pound package for aircraft frequently involved in IFR operations. Additional features of the new Castleberry unit include sealed leadacid batteries, now free from corrosion and shipping problems under hazardous materials regulations and an optional fuselage mounted external connection for testing and battery certifi cation. Castleberry now also produces the PAC-75, a new 28-VDC electrical inverter.

This 115 volt, 400 cycle, 75 watt unit is designed to replace older units which have reduced power capacity. The PAC- 75 inverter is a TSO’d replacement for non-TSO’d units including, AIM P-20, -21, and -21A. Castleberry units are FAA approved and TSO’d for popular components, previously manufactured and now obsolete. Castleberry products embody a heritage of quality and reliability brought by a core of professionals with an average of more than 20-years in the industry. New electronic components carry a 15-month warranty

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