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Aviators of all experience levels recognize the importance of unobstructed vision to the safety of flight. That’s where CAVU – UV Protectant Cleaner and Polish really shines through. Its unique formula is optimized for all kinds of aircraft surfaces: Windscreens, LCD screens, traditional “steam” gauges, aluminum surfaces, plastic panels, painted surfaces, vinyls, and more.

In addition to providing critical UVA and UVB protection, the cleaner is free of ammonia and other harmful agents, so it won’t cause clouding on Plexiglas surfaces. CAVU also restores moisture and shine to applied surfaces, and its static-free formula has never been easier to use – just spray on and wipe clean! Each can contains 14 oz (396 g) of the cleaner. The pinnacle of awareness-enhancing cleaning agents for a level of visual acuity the likes of which you’ve never seen!


  • Specifically Made for the Protection and Longevity of Today’s Modern Plastics, Polycarbonates, Vinyl Glass & Paint.
  • Advanced Formula exceeds the standard for protecting plastic, paint and metal surfaces.
  • CAVU – UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish seals the surface with a micro-thin layer of UV protectant. This advanced formula restores nutrients that sun, water and dirt take away. Just one use moisturizes and restores shine quickly and easily.
  • Use CAVU – UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish to clean and protect any plastic and metal. Just spray and wipe clean.
  • Use CAVU – UV Protectant Cleaner & Polish on your Canopy, Flight Instruments, Avionics, Instrument Panels, LCD Screens, stainless steel, Aluminum, Gel-Coat or any painted surface. Your material will stay cleaner longer and help prevent damaging UV rays from the sun.

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