Part# 12-00973


AXIS AIR GROUP, INC. is the only company that makes a system which supplies air to paint and a separate second air pump for cool fresh air to breathe. The patented CITATION FRESH AIR RESPIRATOR and HVLP PAINT SPRAYER.

The Citation 4 HVLP Sprayer provides four stage turbine power. The extra power of 7 psi will reduce the particle size of the material being sprayed. Better atomization will equate to a finer finish.

The Citation 4 combined HVLP paint sprayer and respirator system includes a paint sprayer and second separate air pump for cool fresh breathing air. Includes four stage turbine power and spray gun. Great for most finishes.

Since its introduction on the market the CITATION HVLP SPRAYER/RESPIRATOR has met and exceeded its expectations! No other spray system can offer the benefits that this system can.

Cool Fresh Air to breathe, plenty of atomization for most paint spraying jobs and a professional quality gun. The extra power of the four stage will greatly reduce the particle size ofthe material being sprayed. Better atomization will equate to a finer finish. Recommended for today’s more professional quality finishes.

Recommended for aircraft finish quality work with polyurethanes and clear coat material and latex. The four stage CITATION system offers the additional power required to achieve the finest finish.

Standard One Person System Includes:

  • Citation 4 Dual HVLP Pump
  • Two 40′ hoses, one sprayer & one respirator
  • Half facemask & belt
  • HVLP Paint Spray Gun with One Cup
  • Complete System and Spray Gun Manual
  • Introductory “How to” Spray Manual

4 Stage Sprayer Specs:

  • 110-120V VAC, 50/60HZ
  • Amps: 15
  • PSI: 7

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