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Color-Bond restores or changes the color of leather, vinyl, ABS plastic, PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, fiberglass, lexan and thermal plastic urethane permanently. It is dry to the touch in 45 seconds and fully bonded in 10 minutes. It will not crack, flake or peel & gives complete grain simulation. You can change color over and over and never obscure the grain or affect the hand. It is now OEM approved by the Ford Motor Company. After 3-1/2 years of testing, the specification that Color-Bond passed is the first of its kind and is approved for worldwide use. Color-Bond will be distributed to the 5,200 Ford Quality Service Parts dealers of North America. It will also be used for repair of instrument panels, door panels and seats in all of the assemble plants. Color-Bond is excellent for restoration of aircraft seats, side panels, glare shields, and other items. We have been appointed as the aviation distributor for Color-Bond. See PN 09-00327 for the Color-Bond Color Chart.
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      #105 White, #107 Gray

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