Part# 13-00093

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Working on your instrument ticket? If you’re even considering adding an IFR rating to your certificate, then you’ll want COMM1 IFR Radio Simulator to get you through the advanced level of communication skills required. Find out why top aeronautical universities — even the US Navy — have chosen COMM1 IFR Radio Simulator to help prepare their pilots. 9+ hours of training, comprehensive audio-visual tutorials, realistic flight scenarios, Interactive practice exercises w/ATC, playback your exchange w/ATC, and compare yourself yourself to an expert.

Works with MAC and Windows 8.


  • 486/66 MHz PC processor
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 6 MB hard drive space
  • Windows 95
  • 4x speed CD-ROM drive
  • Sound Blaster-compatible sound card
  • Microphone and speakers (or headset)
  • 800 x 600 resolution display with 256 colors
  • Works with MAC and Windows 8

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