Part# 13-05257



Composiclean™ View Polish™ will probably be the best glass cleaner you will ever use, try it around the house too. Use View-Polish™ on windscreens, side windows, plastics, Lexan, acrylic and glass. You will see No streaking! View-Polish™ is guaranteed to leave no film. Non-caustic-non-flammable, Non-ammonia formula dries fast and contain no CFC’s that deplete the ozone layer. View-Polish™ is also a great bug remover for the leaning edges, wheel pants, car grills etc. Spray product onto area to be cleaned (the thick foam helps it hang there), wait 2 to 3 minutes then wipe clean. Give View-Polish™ a try with our MicroFiber cloths, you’ll love it! Offered in big 19oz aerosol can.

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