Part# 09-02428

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Superior lubrication and durability in any weather or temperature. Perfect for use as a break-in lubricant for bearings or as a general purpose lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for tools, machinery and equipment.

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  • NSF H2 Registered for use in meat and poultry plants
  • Excellent heat and water resistance
  • Contains rust and oxidation inhibitors for superior metal protection
  • Smooth, buttery consistency provides optimum surface coverage
  • Protects with a tough, high viscosity film
  • White color allows for easy visual inspection of film coverage


  • Applications: Hinges, latches, overhead door tracks, open gears, chains, cables, slide conveyors, guide rails, cams, pistons, machinery, tools, & equipment. A break-in lubrication for bearings.
  • Unit Package Description: 16 Ounce Aerosol
  • Brand: CRC
  • Generic Description 1: White Lithium Aerosol Grease
  • Appearance: Off-White Viscous Grease
  • Odor: Solvent
  • Flashpoint: <20°F
  • Flammability: Extremely Flammable
  • Specific Gravity: 0.6257
  • Plastic Safe: Yes
  • Film Type: Grease
  • Evaporation Rate: >1 (butyl acetate=1)
  • Working Temp: 0 to 300°F
  • Propellant: Hydrocarbon
  • NSF Category Code: H2
  • NSF Registered: Yes
  • NSF Number: 017410
  • Aerosol Flammability Level: III
  • 360 Valve: No
  • DOT Proper Shipping Name: Consumer Commodity
  • VOC % (Federal): 85
  • VOC g/L (Federal): 531.8
  • VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal): 4.43
  • Removal (How To): Remove with Petroleum Distillates.

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