Part# 11-06500


This precision compact unit mounts easily on top or below fuselage, and directly replaces rotating beacons. It features a high-intensity Xenon arc lamp, a high-efficiency push pull inverter circuit for stable flash voltage and a flame-resistant military circuit board assembly.

The lamp is readily replaceable without removing the unit from the aircraft, and the unit weighs only 1lb. 4oz. the flight strobe FS-4400 is visible for over 50 miles at night, in haze, smog or bright sunlight and is manufactured using the highest quality components for maximum reliability and service life.

Amp draw 3 Amp. (14V) & 1.5 Amp (28V). STC’D for Cessna 180. FAA form 337 for field approval is required for installation of other certified aircraft. Order adapter separately.

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