Discourage those pesky (and “noisy”) electrical gremlins and ground-loops by using our Ground Blocks as a centralized grounding system. These are hand-made from .04” flat brass stock, sheared to size, with 24 or 48 Fast-On tabs securely soldered into place. Ships complete with installation hardware—brass bolt, nuts, internal-tooth lock washers, and spacer washers to accommodate any thickness of firewall. Most projects will require a single 24-point Ground Block on the cockpit side of the firewall; “loaded” electrical systems may require the 48-point block. A full “firewall ground kit” is also available in two sizes for composite aircraft needing ground points on both sides of the firewall.

Choosing A Ground System:

Most projects can do the job with a single, 24-point ground block on the cockpit side of the firewall. Many electrical accessories forward of the firewall get an electrical ground by virtue their mounting on a metallic firewall – OR – grounded through a mounting on the engine. Only projects with a very busy electrical system will need 48 grounds behind the panel.

Airplanes with composite firewalls need some ground points on the forward side. The full-up firewall ground kit includes a long brass bolt with sufficient brass washers to shim between the two ground blocks on a thick, composite firewall. Single ground blocks are shipped with a shorter brass carry-through bolt, washers, and nuts for sheet metal firewalls.

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