Part# 13-19787

438.13$ + IVA


This aircraft tow bar attaches to tow vehicle, or you can move by hand with the convenient handles. Improved with powder coating.

This tow bar has been used on the following aircraft: Cessna 150, 172, 182, 205, 210, Cirrus SR-22, Mooney M20, Vans RV-9A.

Check your aircraft owner’s manual, some aircraft manufacturers warn against towing with a bar attached to a vehicle. Make sure you do not exceed the tow limits of your aircraft.


  • Maximum Gross Weight: Unknown, however it moves a 210 with ease. About 2,000 pounds
  • Maximum Opening: 10 inches
  • Minimum Opening: 2 inches
  • Inside Diameter of Attach Lug: 5/8″
  • Outside Diameter of Attach Lug 3/4″
  • Length: 76″ long
  • Tow Bar weight: 9 pounds
  • Crate Size: 79″x20″x1″​

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