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Canard and non-canard GREEN / RED / BLUE Lighted Retract Handle with DPDT Lever Lock Gear Switch ( 12 VDC / 7.5 amp ; or 24 VDC / 4 amp ) When the gear is DN, the gear handle LED light is GREEN; Gear in Transit or is Unsafe — or the Canard Retract Handle and Switch is in the Center OFF position — the LED light in the handle is RED; Gear UP the handle LED light is OFF, or BLUE like amphibian planes do (your choice).

With our Solid State Black Box, (connects into your Panel Lights for dimming, and to your Warning Horn, too) for tricycle retractable canards (LGS-C-BB), and other tricycle (or just the main gear) retractable planes (LGS-NC-BB) [NOT required for just canard retractable nose struts], you now have redundant lights for all 3 retractable gear (or redundant lights just for the main gear). So, if a GREEN gear light burns out, and you have a GREEN light in the Lighted Gear Switch Handle, you won’t wonder if that gear with no GREEN light is really DN, therefore you won’t need to raise your gear and belly your plane in — Safety Feature — cheap insurance compared to bellying the plane in just because you’re not sure if the gear bulb is burned out and you elect to raise the gear per POH. Same goes for the BLUE UP gear lights, and the BLUE gear handle light — you now also have gear UP redundancy so you don’t have to wonder if all your gear is really UP — Safety Feature. Like the redundancy aircraft engines have with 2 spark plugs per cylinder, 2 ignition systems, 2 fuel pumps, and 2 oil pumps ( if you have our Pre-Oiler/Back-Up Oil Pump ), you finally now have redundancy of knowing if your landing gear is really DN! Also with our Solid State Black Box, when your retractable gear is in Transit or is Unsafe, the RED LED in the gear handle will flash after 15 seconds and the Warning Horn will sound. Pressing the Warning Horn Defeat Button will silence the horn, but for only 15 seconds, then it will sound again – this pattern of solid RED LED and flashing RED LED after 15 seconds with Warning Horn will continue until the gear is either UP or DN. BUT, you can disable the Warning Horn by holding the Warning Horn Defeat Button for 2 seconds — it resets when the Lighted Gear Switch is cycled.

Now Canard builders with just the retractable nose strut can have their Nose Gear Light in the Lighted Gear Switch (LGS-C-12C or LGS-C-24C) handle in parallel with their retractable nose strut GRB LED. So, if the gear GREEN LED light is out and the LGS handle LED is GREEN, you know the retractable nose strut is really DN (same goes for UP) – Safety Feature; AND have a Lever Lock Gear Switch (like what is required in military and certified production aircraft) which cannot accidentally be bumped causing the gear switch and therefore, the nose strut, to come UP when you don’t want it to — Safety Feature. AND, have a wheel for the Lighted Gear Switch handle like certified aircraft are required to have per FAR, and as do military aircraft. Also, this switch has an OFF position in the middle so you can partially extend or retract your Canard retractable nose strut.

Can be Field Approved for use in production aircraft with, or without, retracts (LGS-NC-BB) — Safety Feature. Can be added to both NON-retractable production AND NON-retractable (LGS-NC-BB) Sport Aircraft so you can practice putting the gear switch UP and DN to help keep yourself current when not flying retractable gear aircraft, or for practicing for the day you transition to retractable aircraft and you’ll have the training ingrained into your mind — Safety Feature.

The GREEN / RED LED light in the gear handle can be changed to different colors (such as GREEN / BLUE for amphibians), or GREEN / RED / BLUE – your choice (this is what I did in my Infinity 1). Pre-wired with 2 feet each of 22 gage GREEN, RED, BLUE and BLACK wires.

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