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*Note: For Front Cabin Only.*

The Economy Manual version is a door mounted pressure bulb which is manually pumped by the pilot. Deluxe Manual remote locates the pressure pump underneath the panel next to the pilot along with a panel mounted pressure switch. The Electric version incorporates an electrically operated pump which maintains pressure by flipping a panel mounted switch.

Bob Fields Aerocessories was established vin 1975 providing inflatable door seals for over 45 years! Inflatable doors seals are made of a highly engineered vulcanized silicone rubber compound that will last for decades. All of Bob Fields Aerocessories products are FAA-PMA approved and made in the USA. The door seals are simple to install and can eliminate costly door adjustments and rigging labor costs due to their highly flexible and conforming values when inflated. It truly is an investment that can last a lifetime for your aircraft.

Bob Fields Aerocessories inflatable door seals are the only door seal that adds value to your aircraft. This seal provides a real return on investment when the time comes to sell your aircraft.


  • For those aircraft that are outside and exposed to the elements, inflatable door seals eliminates water intrusion and creates a weather-tight seal for year round exposure.



  • P35
  • B36TC
  • A36TC
  • A36
  • 36
  • V35B
  • V35A
  • S35
  • N35
  • M35
  • K35
  • J35
  • H35
  • 35-A33
  • V35
  • 35-33
  • G33
  • 35-B33
  • 35-C33
  • 35-C33A
  • E33
  • E33A
  • E33C
  • F33
  • F33A
  • F33C


  • B95A
  • 56TC
  • E55
  • D55
  • 95-C55
  • 95-B55B (T-42A)
  • 95-B55
  • 95
  • E95
  • 58
  • B95
  • 95-B55A
  • 95-55
  • 95-A55
  • 58A
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      Deluxe Manual, Economy Manual, Electric

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