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Jet Shades™ Total Diamond DA40 Solution.

Have the Coolest Diamond for You and Your Passengers This Summer!

Enjoy cool, comfortable flights with one of Jet Shades™ heat, glare and UV-blocking Jet Shades Solutions installed in your Diamond aircraft. Jet Shades block heat, glare, solar energy and UV from entering the plane. And they look amazing on the ramp!

Note: Total Diamond DA40 Solution can be upgraded to provide the maximum cooling and comfort to your DA40. (See P/N: 13-22087 in Options when you add to cart)


  • While the Diamond DA40 provide spectacular visibility and great views while flying, Pilots and passengers often wrestle with hot cockpits, bright sun, instruments glare, UV radiation, and just being uncomfortable with the sun shining beaming through the large canopy. The results? Flights in your Diamond aircraft are less enjoyable, and more fatiguing, and just not as much fun as they could be. Finally, a pilot/engineer has done something about it.
  • Jet Shades for Diamond DA40 will cool down your flights, significantly increase the comfort of pilot and passenger, protect all on board from harmful UV radiation, reduce glare and pilot fatigue, prevent overheating on your tablet and phone, make your Diamond aircraft a real head turner on the ramp!


Easy 1-2-3 Install, & Instant Protection
Installation is quick and easy (no STC required) without the use of tools, and easily removable during flight if needed.

1. Simply push Jet Shades in place into the sides of your canopy and secure to your upper sunshade (the solid plastic dome at the top of the canopy).
2. Attach the center windshield Jet Shade to the center of the canopy and place on top of the side canopy Jet Shades.
3. Flying with passengers in your Diamond DA40? Simply install Jet Shades into the passenger windows to reduce heat and sun from entering your aircraft – keeping your aircraft cooler and more comfortable for all on board.

  • Fits Diamond DA40 aircraft
  • Blocks 82% (94% Premium Upgrade) Infrared heat
  • Reduces glare by 70% (>80% Premium Upgrade) for better contrast and visibility on instrument panels, smartphones and tablet devices.
  • Blocks 61% (84% Premium Upgrade) Solar Energy
  • Blocks 73% (96.5% Premium Upgrade) Visbile Light
  • Made from optical quality polycarbonate
  • Minimizes eye strain and pilot fatigue caused by prolonged sun exposure
  • Maintains pilot & passenger comfort during high sun glare flights
  • Effortless removal with patented friction-tab design
  • Protects aircraft interior from cracking and discoloration while parked
  • Enhances ramp appeal by giving your aircraft a “tinted windows” look (darker “mirrored-windows” look Premium Upgrade)
  • Eliminates the need for removing and storing foil sun shades before and after flights
  • 30-Day No Hassle Return Policy
  • All components are made in the USA


  • Jet Shades™ are the first complete UV / Heat / Glare-blocking tinted window panels that are designed to be used in the cockpit while flying your Diamond DA40 aircraft.
  • If you keep your plane in a hangar, you can leave your Jet Shades installed all the time. No need to remove them and place in foil guards.

Add the Premium Upgrade

  • Total Diamond DA40 Solution can be upgraded to provide the maximum cooling and comfort to your DA40. (See Premium Upgrades.) With this package installed you (and your passengers) will want to go flying more because the plane is so nice inside!
  • The Total Diamond DA40 Premium upgrade includes:
  • 1. An upgraded canopy center windshield
  • 2. Upgraded rear passenger windows
  • From the inside passengers will see a cool blue window that blocks solar energy and is calming and relaxing. Pilots will enjoy a great reduction of solar energy coming through the upper canopy greatly reducing pilot fatigue. This package also provides the maximum protection of your Diamond DA40 aircraft interior. If you have A/C in your aircraft your A/C will work much more efficiently as Jet Shades block heat from entering the aircraft. If you don’t have A/C in your aircraft, then the Premium Upgrade is a ‘must have’ to keep you cooler while you fly!

In The Box

3- Standard high-visibility canopy Jet Shades
2- Standard high-visibility rear passenger windows Jet Shades
1- Microfiber storage case (for canopy shades)
All components are made in the USA

With Premium Upgrade
1- Premium Center Windshield Canopy Jet Shade
2- Premium Passenger Window Jet Shades

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