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The SX-200, SX-201 and SX-202 genuine Italian lambskin hand grips each may be installed on either a left or right hand control handle. Painstaking custom tailoring assures a crisp stretch fit around and on top of the yoke handle. Our exclusive Velcro® zippers make it surprisingly easy for almost anyone with good finger dexterity and a little patience to install perfectly. The handsome faux leather SX-110 center cushions add a plush look, and comfortable hand rest for the pilot during extended flights.

Now flaking and peeling finish on worn control yokes can be remedied cost effectively by these surprisingly plush genuine Italian lambskin handle grips. These can usually be installed over an existing push-to-talk button. Or the grip can be supplied with the optional built-in PTT and with optional plug-in connections, if needed.

The optional built-in push-to-talk is mounted on the top of the handle where it is more convenient to use than the typical bulky sided mounted strap-on portable PTTs that can slip out of place. These luxurious and comfortable hand grips can be custom crafted to precisely fit the yoke handles of the many general aviation airplanes. Completing the smartly updated yoke configuration is the SX-110 center cushion.

Richly finished in attractive black faux leather that blends well with the lambskin grips, these luxuriously padded cushions fit neatly over the center of (mostly) specific Cessna yokes- C510, C172, C177, C180, Alon Aircoupe, and others.

Note: Center cushion sold separately.


    Non PTT Grip, Built-in PTT with Coiled Cord Plug-In

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