LPS 3 Premier Rust Inhibitor is a specially formulated long-term corrosion inhibitor protecting metal parts in inside storage for up to two years. When applied it forms a soft, transparent, waxy film sealing out moisture, air, acid, alkali fumes, and other corrosive elements.


  • Protects for up to 2 years indoors
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Safe on all metals
  • Safe to use on rubber, fabric, plastics, and paints
  • Inhibits exfoliation and filiform corrosion of aluminum
  • Safe on all metals
  • NSF® Certified: H2 Registration #129027 (Aerosol); #059849 (Bulk)
  • Acceptable for use in Canadian Food Processing Establishments
  • Penetrates to displace moisture


Appearance/Physical State:Cloudy/Liquid
Odor:Mild. Cherry
Melting Point/Freezing point:Not Available
Boiling Point/Range Aerosol:Not Available, Bulk: 320°-392°F
Vapor Pressure Aerosol:Not Available, Bulk 2.6 mm Hg @20°C
Partition Coefficient:Not Available
Percent Volatile Aerosol:63-82 %, Bulk: 78.45%
Flammability Limit:Lower 0.6, Upper 6%
Propellant Aerosol:Carbon Dioxide, Bulk: N/A
VOC Content Aerosol:62.8%, Bulk: 75.58%
Flash Point:Aerosol 64.4°F, Bulk 104.5°F
Relative Density:Not Available
Evaporation Rate:Aerosol – 151 (Ethyl Ether), Bulk: 0.2 (butyl acetate=1)
Vapor Density:Aerosol: Not Available, Bulk 4.8
Auto-Ignition Temperature:446°F (230°C)
Viscosity:Aerosol-Not Available, Bulk: 20-550cP
Specific Gravity (water=1):Aerosol: 0.87, Bulk: 0.81
Temperature Range °F(°C):Not Available
4-Ball Weld Load:Not Available


  • Aircraft Fuselages, Battery Terminals, Cables, Chains, & Pulleys, Cargo Sections, Elevators, Metal Parts, Offshore Drilling Equipment, Outdoor Electrical Connections, Outdoor Equipment & Tools, Overseas Storage or Shipments, Pumps & Hose Assemblies, Interior Sections of Vehicle Doors
    • size:

      11 Oz Aerosol, 20 Oz Spray Bottle, 1 Gallon

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