Part# 05-01180

154.11$ + IVA


Styled after the Piper Comanche, this cowl can be used on just about any homebuilt powered by the Lycoming engine. It is made in two parts, allowing the easy removal of the cowl without having to remove the prop. Used on the following airplanes: Starduster I and II, Playboy, EAA Bipe, Jodel D- 11, Tailwind, Tempete & the Skybolt. Measures 35″ wide by 21″ high. Will accommodate a spinner approx. 12″ in dia.

All parts are aircraft quality, hand layed for uniform thickness and light weight. Items are finished with grey primer gel coat which minimizes sanding and eliminates the need for primer paint.

Note: Light fill and sanding is required for smooth ready to paint surface. A finishing service is available as an option at checkout that will leave a primer smooth surface.

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