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This LED light wedge and dimmer starter kit from Nulite includes two (2), 3-1/8-inch LW3034 and one (1), 3-1/8 inch LW3034AA light wedges, plus one (1) MaxDim 9100-001-A Dimmer controller from Seaton Engineering and operates on 14 volts. Nulite LED aircraft instrument lights use bright, long-lasting LEDs inside of a special bezel that focuses light toward the instrument, rather than toward the pilot’s eyes. The MaxDim Dual controller from Seaton Engineering is the perfect option for controlling lighting and instrument panels in new or existing aircraft.

Will not work with DC to AC inverted systems

In The Box

  • 2 ea LW3034
  • 1 ea LW3034AA
  • MaxDim 9100-001-A Dimmer
    • voltage:

      14v, 28v

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