Part# 11-08782


Spanning two decades of aviation lighting experience and over 180,000 light systems installed, Nulite has adapted its proven instrument lighting technology for use in an NVG environment.

Nulites are a revolutionary lighting system for aircraft instruments. They give the same lighting appearance as internal lighting kits at a fraction of the cost. Nulites have a special bezel that focus light toward the instrument, preventing light from reflecting into the pilot’s eyes. When sandwiched between the instrument and panel, Nulites reduce glare and “hotspots” by concentrating 60% of the light on the upper half of the instrument.

Will not work with DC to AC inverted systems


  • Daytime Readability: Because Nulites utilitze an open ring bezel, there are no daytime readability issues.
  • Ease of Installation: A typical aircraft installation takes approximately 8 hours and can be done in the field by an A&P mechanic.
  • Color Shifting: Nulites uses NVIS White Technology that does not shift any color and illuminates what is on the instrument.
  • Upgrades the Panel Not The Instrument: Nulite nvg does not alter the instrument in any way and reduces the need for rotables
  • Lower Cost: A Nulite nvg conversion cost a third of what traditional filtered conversions cost.
  • Reduce Training Time: With an open ring bezel, there is no need for additional training for Daytime Operations.


  • NVIS White long lasting LED
  • Pulse type dimming circuit
  • 28 volt systems with lower power consumption (40ma average per unit)
  • Nulites are FAA approved and STC’s are available
  • .220″ thick and tight tolerances of .005″
  • Meets all FAR burn tests
  • NVIS radiance per MIL-STD-3009

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