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NuVite CitriCut is a citrus based airframe wetwash and wipedown cleaner. Pleasant citrus smelling wet wash or wipe down cleaner that is especially friendly to the environment. Works great for standard wet washing with mops or scrub pads. When used as a wet wash, water sheets off, minimizing water spotting. CitriCut is also handy for hand debugging or hand wipe down without need for rinse -so there is no need for water or floor cleanup. Spray CitriCut at 1:8 from hand trigger sprayer for hand debugging or wipedown and wipe with terry towel until clean. Use a clean towel to buff up surface shine. No need to rinse surface. Supplied as concentrate—use 1:8 for hand wipe down or 1:16 in wet wash water.
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      Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

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