Part# 01-01186



Experience easy, comfortable, and accurate cutting with the Precision Scissors. The extra-large handle fits up to 3 fingers in one loop to help provide more strength and comfort in the cut. Symmetrical handles also fit both left and right-handed users.


  • Straight-edge blades easily slide through the fabric and are sharpened to the tip for smaller or appliqué cuts
  • OLFA’s unique special honing process helps the blades grab the fabric and cut cleanly, with no material folding over the blades – even when cutting left-handed
  • Precision engineering, blades fully extend into the handles for durability and better cutting stability and pressure distribution
  • The professional quality rivet secures blade postioning for exceptional accuracy and retains smooth blade movement, even in heavy-use environments
  • Straight blades made of stainless steel (Blades are not serrated)
  • Good for cutting stitchwork, thread, cloth, leather, fabrics, films, sign and graphics material, vehicle wraps, and more

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