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Sport Performance Aviation LLC Panther Sport Aircraft Specifications

The Panther is a versatile, mid-sized, single seat low wing Sport or LSA aerobatic airplane with quick fold wings.

Flight Performance Design

    • Easy to fly with low stall/landing speed
    • Long stick and travel for light control feel without being “twitchy”
    • Positively stable in all axis
    • Excellent off runway and climb performance
    Fun and sporty to fly with great performance and wide speed range


    • 6061 aluminum / flush blind rivets (solid optional)
    • 4130 steel tube construction from seat back to firewall. All critical attachment points like Landing gear, wing pin, engine mount, 5 point harness, ballistic chute, rollover bar, control Hard points etc. will be welded in the fixture . This allows quick accurate construction of all Critical points.
    • Offers safety in a crash.
    • Skinned in AL
    • Quick easy to build tail cone rivets/bolts on to the forward fuselage
    • Simple control surface design
    Simple strong wing spar with only seven components per spar (plus bolts/rivets)

For more information :
Panther Sport Aircraft
5412 Air Park Loop E
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

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