Part# 09-26800



Black Bear Par-Al-Ketone is best known as one of the most rugged corrosion preventives available, performing successfully for over 40 years protecting aircraft components and machine parts in outdoor storage and for export.

Black Bear Par-Al-Ketone is a blend of controlled oxidized petroleum fractions in a solvent solution. The protective film is stable from -20° F. to 180° F. When applied, the protective coating tends to displace moisture. When dry, the protective film retains substantial flexibility with a tendency to self-heal when ruptured. The corrosion preventive may be applied safely over painted surfaces and removed by using thinners such as mineral spirits or stoddard solvents.

An excellent corrosion inhibitor for use on exterior surfaces of parts that are subject to exposure. Recommended for all control cables. Meets spec. MIL-C-52, Type 1. May be sprayed, dipped, wiped or brushed on. Thin with mineral spirits or use

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