Note: piano hinge includes hinge pin

MS20257P (supercedes AN257) hinge consists of two aluminum half hinges which mate and are held together by a hinge pin. Anodized finish. MS20257C is similar to MS20257P except made in stainless steel.

MS20001P aluminum hinge is extruded. The closed hinge loops cannot be pulled apart. Furnished with hinge pin. Anodized finish.

Hinges do not come with screw holes. Customers will need to drill own mounting holes.

Stainless steel hinge available.

“-3” in part number denotes 3 ft. pc. “-6” in part number denotes 6 ft. pc. (Example: MS20001P6-3 is 3 ft. pc. of MS20001P6 hing

Accessory Info

  • Hinge Pin (03-49000) is stainless steel, 0.089″ dia., and comes in 6′ lengths.

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