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Highly recommended as an alkaline metal cleaner for removing greases and oils. Also a very good cleaner for interior cabins and vinyl upholstery, as well as a wide variety of household applications to remove waxes, dirt, and stains. Furnished as a concentrate for 32:1 dilution with water. Lemon scented and not harmful to your hands. Available in quart and gallon sized.

This FAA approved process utilizing Poly-Fiber Dacron fabrics and the unique “Poly” line of finishes assures a beautiful, durable, weather-resistant cover job every time. Documented time tested results by the professionals. The Poly-Fiber Covering Process was issued Supplemental Type Certificate No. SA-1008-WE in 1965 and this number will apply to all aircraft.

Note: Formerly known as Stits covering process. Only Poly-Fiber materials may be used through the topcoat paint to comply with STC requirements. Poly-Fiber finishes are required for approval. Poly-Fiber is approved for use on most certified aircraft. To be sure, check the approved model list in the procedure manual.
CAUTION: Flammable.

Important Notice: All mixed paints are special order and are non-returnable.

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