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A strong solvent blend formulated to remove oil, silicone, wax and other contaminants from all metal surfaces before priming. Not for painted surfaces. Available in quart and gallon sized.

This FAA approved process utilizing Poly-Fiber Dacron fabrics and the unique “Poly” line of finishes assures a beautiful, durable, weather-resistant cover job every time. Documented time tested results by the professionals. The Poly-Fiber Covering Process was issued Supplemental Type Certificate No. SA-1008-WE in 1965 and this number will apply to all aircraft.

Note: Formerly known as Stits covering process. Only Poly-Fiber materials may be used through the topcoat paint to comply with STC requirements. Poly-Fiber finishes are required for approval. Poly-Fiber is approved for use on most certified aircraft. To be sure, check the approved model list in the procedure manual.
CAUTION: Flammable.

Important Notice: All mixed paints are special order and are non-returnable.

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