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Part# 09-02447


If you have always felt there must be a better way of cleaning up, you were correct! RPM Technology is proud to introduce a revolutionary product for anyone using sealants, mastics, adhesives, silicones, paints, drilling oils, or greases. PolyWipes contain no solvents or abrasives; no fuss, and no mess! Why clean your hands with a product that has a NFPA heath rating of 1 and is flammable? PolyWipes have a health rating of 0 and are NOT flammable! They safely remove uncured or partly-cured adhesives and sealants by breaking the surface tension between the material and the substrate. The material then transfers to the wipe for disposal.

PolyWipes can be used anywhere adhesives or sealants are applied. Uses PolyWipes to clean up after applying sealant to fuel tanks, access doors, windshields, and any other location where sealants are used.


  • Biodegradable – a “green” product
  • Non-Toxic – eliminates the need to dispose of hazardous solvents
  • Not flammable, unlike other wipes
  • Mild – employees may not need hand protection to use this product, NFPA rating is 0,0,0
  • Inexpensive – less expensive than cloth towels and solvents

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