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A tough, budget-priced, dual voltage GPU designed for the private operator and general aviation, it uses the same top-quality, high discharge batteries as in other Powervamp packs.

Ideal for smaller turbine helicopter operators, all piston aircraft or where the starting of 24 volt trucks and plant and 12 volt automobiles is a useful feature.

The deep drawn polyethylene case allows the pack to sit in flooded sites up to 200mm (8in) deep without water ingress. The 12 volt outlet provides a CCA of 470 amps and a peak amp figure of 925. The 25.4 volt DC outlet will deliver up to 850 amps with power control by removable key and 1000 amp switch.

This pack is supplied with 2m (6ft) output lead with rubber Nato plug and 2m (6ft) output lead with 1000 amp cast brass, braided and fully insulated, ‘Vulture beak’ colour-coded alligator clips. It is cleared for air transportation with key removed.

    • Connector:

      Aircraft Connector, Croc Clip Output, Piper Connector

    • Length:

      6.5 FT, 13 FT

    • Model:

      U.S.A, International

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