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Part# 09-05541


PreKote® Surface Pretreatment Wipes (Pack of 50) are a non-chrome surface wipe utilizing a safe, hazard free technology for use in the painting and coating industry. PreKote® single-use application wipes offer improved paint flexibility, and advanced corrosion protection on painted surfaces when used as part of a coating system.

Safety Benefits

PreKote has a long list of environmental, health, and safety benefits. PreKote does non contain chrome and is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-corrosive, CFC free, odor free, does not deplete ozone, and the liquid is also readily biodegradable upon disposal. Because PreKote is non-hazardous, users can reduce HAZMAT shipping and storage charges. The all-in-one product is simple and easy to use, and requires less rinsing which reduces water consumption.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found PreKote to have environmentally preferable chemistry. PreKote has been recognized with the Design for the Environment (DfE) award. The EPA has also determined that PreKote is not one of the six core metal finishing effluent operations and does not trigger categorical industrial user (CIU) status.


  • Fastest and easiest pretreatment process
  • Provides maximum corrosion protection
  • Ensures superior paint adhesion and flexibility
  • Saves valuable time and money
  • Minimizes number of chemicals used
  • Reduces overall process time, getting aircraft back into service faster
  • Available in both liquid and wipes
  • Use on large surfaces, immersion, or touch-ups
  • Safest product available
  • Non-toxic: Hexavalent chromium-free*
  • Non-hazardous; non-flammable; low VOCs
  • Significantly reduces water usage
  • Does not automatically trigger CIU status
  • Significantly reduces HAZMAT shipping and storage, PPE, and wastewater treatment costs
  • Reduces total product and process life cycle costs

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