FAR 25.853 approved laminating epoxy

The epoxy systems in this group are highly engineered products designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the various flame retardant specifications for which they were developed. They are filled laminating compounds that have good handling characteristics and provide very high physical properties in addition to their excellent fire retardant capabilities. They are well suited to a wide variety of production and tooling applications where the combination of very good physical properties and outstanding flame retardant abilities will provide durable parts and tools.

PT2475 is a filled, off-white epoxy laminating system designed for use in constructing fire retardant laminates for parts or reinforcements. PT2475 meets the requirements of the FAR 25.853 Specification. This system has a 1 hour pot life at normal ambient temperatures, which will allow the construction of larger laminated than would be possible with a faster material. The system cures well at room temperature, and the cure can be accelerated with the addition of mild heat if desired.


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      Gallon, 5 Gallons

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