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The Rans Elevator Trim System features a trim tab actuated by a push-pull wire. By turning the trim wheel, the wire moves the trim tab. The system has the look and feel of a standard aircraft trim wheel. The trim tab is constructed of sheet aluminum and can be adapted to the trailing edge of many homebuilts and ultralights.

The trim tab is sized for both low & high speed aircraft and since it is mechanical, requires no battery or power source other than the pilot’s hands.

Part No.
Trim Sys. less Tab (no panel or flap lever mount)11-09955$585.00
Trim Sys. with Lower Panel11-09960$720.00
Trim Sys., Flap Mount11-09965$336.00
Trim Sys. without Wheel11-09970$256.95
Trim Tab11-05740$19.55
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      Trim Sys. Less Tab, Trim Sys. with Lower Panel, Frim Sys., Flap Mount, Trim Sys. without Wheel, Trim Tab

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