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RejeX® is a proprietary thin film polymer coating technology designed to provide a high-gloss / ultra-high-release surface. RejeX is commonly used as a paint sealant providing a better performing alternative to wax-type products for owners who want to maximize protection and shine on vehicles of all sorts, including aircraft, cars, motorcycles, boats and RVs.

RejeX has a higher refractive index than any wax, so it produces richer, deeper looking colors. The product dries water clear, and unlike wax-based products, never yellows. This highly durable coating produces a deep, lustrous shine that outlasts other products by months.

This very thin film, only tenths of a micron thick, reduces adhesion of all common contaminants such as road grime, exhaust, oil, bug splats, bird droppings, brake dust, tree sap, pollen, tar and grease. RejeX also provides exceptional UV protection. it is even effective against the dreaded love bugs!

RejeX can also be applied to windshields (glass, Lexan, acrylic, etc.) to repel rain and make bugs splats easier to remove.

RejeX has recently been awarded the GSA National Stock Number 8030-01-593-8208 for use on all NATO destroyers and cruisers armed with the AEGIS defense system.

RejeX contains none of the free silicone oils found in some other polymer products that are known to contaminate paint and cause issues when repainting.


Application Notes

  • As RejeX cures, the polymers cross-link into a crystal-clear, flexible, chemical- and contaminant-resistant film. It is very important to allow RejeX to cure for 8-12 hours after the haze has been wiped off. If the coating is exposed to contamination such as oil, fuel, soot, hard water, cleaners, etc. before it has cured, the contaminants may interfere with the integrity of the film, affecting its visual characteristics and release properties.
  • RejeX SHOULD NOT be used on porous surfaces, highly textured surfaces (such as the plastic/rubber trim on some SUVs), oxidized painted surfaces or oxidized (chalky) gelcoat/fiberglass. If a painted / gelcoat surface is worn/oxidized, polish to remove “dead” oxidized paint and gel coat / fiberglass before applying RejeX.

    Buffers work just fine for applying / removing RejeX. If you use a buffer, do not apply RejeX with pressure, simply use the buffer to spread out (and/or wipe off) the product.

  • RejeX can be applied in multiple coats – allowing at least 4 hours curing time between coats – for greater depth of gloss and extended longevity.
  • RejeX can be used over existing wax, however, the duration of protection will be reduced as the softer underlying wax degrades comparatively quickly. Waxes can be applied over RejeX, however many of the benefits of RejeX may be negated and the wax finish will typically not last very long due to adhesion limitations. It should also be noted that many waxes (particularly those products described as “restorer waxes”) and all polishes contain abrasives, which can strip the thin RejeX film.
  • If a RejeX-treated surface needs repainting, normal paint preparation is all that’s required. Abrasive cleaners, polishes or rubbing compounds will remove the RejeX film.


  1. 1.Shake well.
  2. 2.Apply to a clean, dry surface that is cool to the touch. Avoid appling in direct sunlight when ambient temperatures are greater than 85° F. On hot days, we recommend RejeXing in the shade, early morning or in the afternoon. For larger vehicles such as RVs, busses and yachts, a good trick for dealing with hot days is to apply RejeX to the top and western facing side in the morning and the eastern facing side in the afternoon, so that you’re always working on the shady side.
  3. 3. After RejeX dries to a haze (about 10-20 minutes), wipe off with a clean cloth. Unlike waxes that require strenuous rubbing or buffing to remove, RejeX should wipe off easily.
  4. 4.Allow RejeX to cure for 8-12 hours out of the elements. The higher the humidity, the faster RejeX cures.
  5. 5.While it is not uncommon for a RejeX treatment to last well over a year, for optimum protection, reapply every 6 months or as needed (e.g. when bugs and other contaminants begin sticking to leading edges of wings and front bumpers, when brake dust begins sticking more tenaciously to wheels, etc.).
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