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King Air Systems are sold in pairs

Rosen sliding arm sunvisors are specifically designed to meet the needs of the General Aviation pilot. Their patented mounting arm features precision-machined 6061-T6 aluminum components. Multi-axis adjustability allows complete cockpit coverage no other visor can offer.Rosen lenses are made of the same optical grade material used in their Commercial and Corporate jet sunvisor systems. This unique material blocks 99.9% of harmful UV (A/B) rays, blocks heat-producing infrared light and meets aviation burn test requirements. Pilots appreciate how the visor blocks the glare and reduces eye fatigue. Rosen’s see-through sunvisor adds value to any aircraft.

Rosen sunvisors have been selected as factory original equipment on all new Cessna single piston engine aircraft. With STC’d visors for almost every certified General Aviation aircraft, chances are you will make Rosen the visor of choice for your bird.


  • Optical quality lens material
  • Protects from 99.9% of UV rays (A/B)
  • Glare and fatigue reduction with complete cockpit coverage
  • Stable and easy adjustments
  • A secure stowing position
  • Superior materials and construction
  • Installation takes approximately 15 minutes and a Phillips screwdriver, click here for installation instructions

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