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– Items not illustrated

  • a   for installation of cylinder on the piston 67,5 mm.
  • b   for installation of cylinder on the piston 72 mm.
  • c   to hold the fan.
  • d   for aligning of cylinders at the intake flange.
  • e   for crankshaft bearing P.T.O. side.
  • f    for positioning of crankshaft bearing P.T.O. side.
  • g   for centering of the stator plate.
  • h   for piston pin 18 mm.
  • i    for installation of piston pin circlip 18 mm.
  • j    for the engine.
  • k   without ignition and externals.

Explanations of symbols and statements in part number charts:

  • N = Newly introduced part number
  • s.v. = Still valid. Part was replaced by compatible component and can not be supplied any longer by the producer. Existing stock may be used.
  • AR = As required. This generally refers to shims, hose, wires, and cable. Measure the amount you need before ordering. Many times there will be multiple listings of different lengths with the same part number. Use individual part descriptions to determine the proper length needed.
  • n.a or NLA = No longer available, no replacement from Rotax. Part is no longer available due to incompatibility to current production or unavailability of part.

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