Part# 13-07444

331.21$ + IVA


Blue Sky Sun Visors were specifically designed for the RV-10. The RV-10 visors retain all of the features of those that have been produced for certified aircraft since 2001. The visors provide improved visibility in hazy or cloudy conditions while still being out of the pilot’s view when not in use. In addition to retaining the superior functionality, durability, and strength of the original Blue Sky Sun Visor, they provide sun and heat screening, whether coming from the front or side for both pilot and co-pilot. Installation is quick and requires only basic tools and mechanical ability.

The visor screen of the RV-10 is 5.875″ by 12.5″. It can cover a much larger area to the front and side because it can also be moved back and forth on the support rod for a distance of 9 inches.


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