Aircraft Cockpit Cleaner with disinfection – environmentally safe & biodegradable. Is a general purpose, multifunctional, water-soluble, effective special cleaner, deodorant and disinfection product for cleaning aircraft interiors and fuel tanks. Can be used by hand cleaning, spray, dipping. Wipe on wipe off for cleaning. Safe on vertical or overhead surfaces, non – flammable, no flash point, pleasant odor and vapors are non-toxic. Safe on aluminum, high strength steel, magnesium and other metals, plexiglass, most plastics and good quality of paint, retards corrosion of aluminum and magnesium structures. Very effectively penetrates and removes heavy greasy soils, neutralizes food acids and other acids. Controls odor, is lavender scented.

Cleaning walls, seats and windows. Spray on or wipe on and wipe off with dry clean cloths. Do not rinse.

Controls odor from food spills and prevents corrosion caused by food residues. Spray on or apply with mop or rag. Do not rinse.

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      1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

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