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Aircraft Leather Cleaning and Leather Care for Aircraft Seats is environmentally safe and biodegradable; non-flammable and solvent free. Leather seats in airplanes are suspended which have very strong demands from air conditioning, variations in temperature and highly strong impurities. Thus the aging process, the life span and the natural appearance are strongly impaired. SKY-SE1™ LEATHER CLEANER is a liquid, which is ready to use and is a moderate special cleaner for all smooth leathers and pads. Cleans and maintains in one processing step. Removes the usual impurities carefully: e.g. coffee, cocoa, tea, fruit juices, tomato juice, Coca Cola, wine, sparkling wine, beer, Cognac, pen, environmental dirt etc. Leather surfaces remain looking natural. After using this product, strained leather maintains it’s original natural look.

Use as supplied. Wet a clean and dust free cloth with the product. Wipe over the leather surface with the wet cloth. Then wipe over the leather surface with a clean and dry cloth. Avoid over wetting the leather. Use again if you have a strong pollution.

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    16 oz, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon

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