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Part# 09-03485



A specially formulated WATER BASED spray on CARNAUBA WAX. NO AMMONIA, NO SOLVENTS, NO SILICONE, NO GARBAGE!Spray Shine™ can be applied in the DIRECT SUN, Even on BLACK! If you can work on black paint in the direct sun, you’ve got every color covered.

Spray Shine™ WILL NOT turn white on rubber or black plastic. Spray Shine™ really does work! Spray Shine™ is not a spray wash. It is a serious spray wax that will give your ride an amazing shine! First, use MRON GLASS to thoroughly clean and wax the surface, then use Spray Shine™ after or between washings to help maintain the shine. Spray Shine™ will never smear or streak, EVER! (Do not use towels or cloths that have been washed with a fabric softener.) Formulated for paint, but found to work equally as well on any smooth non-porous surface.

Spray Shine™ was designed for the finest of finishes, car show enthusiasts, new car dealers and people who really like to take care of their vehicles. Just a quick spray and wipe will give your ride a complete new shine! Use Spray Shine™ on paint, glass, chrome, plastic, tile, lamps stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, mirrors, computer screens, etc.

Spray Shine™ will give a high gloss surface an amazing CLOUD FREE SHINE!

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